Incarnation, The (E-Book) $5.00

Gordon H. Clark
E-Book, 1988, 91 pages.

Theological debates in the churches from the fourth century on involved the use of force. Theologians were exiled or persecuted by other theologians who had political clout. Despite the use of force, the Council of Chalcedon in 451 did not settle the controversy surrounding the Incarnation, for two centuries later another Council found it necessary to issue a statement about the two wills of Christ. Today there is renewed interest in and controversy about the doctrine of the Incarnation. Unfortunately, the response of many theologians has not been to examine Scripture, but to discuss and to parrot conciliar formulations, as though they, rather than the Scriptures, were authoritative. To this controversy Gordon Clark brings a Christian philosopher's insistence on clearly defined terms, for clear definitions are missiing from the present controversy. The result is a profound reaffirmation of the Scriptural teaching that Jesus Christ was and is both fully God and fully man

Contents: The Heresies; The Fatal Flaw; The Middle Ages and the Reformation; The Nineteenth Century; Some Conclusions; Analysis Resumed; Divine and Human Persons; The Conclusion.

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