God's Hammer: The Bible and Its Critics (E-Book) $5.00

Gordon H. Clark
304 pages, 4th ed., 2011 [1982]

This collection of essays on the inspiration, authority, and infallibility of the Bible is one of the best volumes on the subject available today. In the sixteenth century, sola Scriptura was the rallying cry of the Reformers; but it is rarely heard today. In the twentieth century the Bible was subjected to relentless attack by those who wish to erect another authority -- the state, the clergy, tradition, or a professorial elite. It is at those Biblical subversives that Clark directs his devastating defense of the Bible.

Contents: Foreword by Harold Lindsell; How May I Know the Bible is Inspired?; The Bible As Truth; Verbal Inspiration: Yesterday and Today; The Evangelical Theological Society Tomorrow; Special Divine Revelation as Rational; Revealed Religion; Holy Scripture; The Concept of Biblical Authority; Hamilton's Theory of Language and Inspiration; What is Truth?; The Reformed Faith and the Westminster Confession; Scripture Index; Index

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