An Introduction to Christian Philosophy (The Wheaton Lectures) (E-Book) $5.00

Gordon H. Clark

Not Since the days of Luther and Calvin has anyone started a complete revolution in philosophy. Here, in three lectures delivered at Wheaton College in 1966, Gordon H. Clark launches a breathtaking and invigorating attack on worldly wisdom--all in the name of a sufficient revelation and a sufficient Savior.

Taking his lead from Paul ("What communion has light with darkness? What accord has Christ with Belial?") Clark rejects the wisdom of this world in toto and constructs a completely consistent system of Christian philosophy based on the Bible alone.

Contents: Foreword by John W. Robbins; Introduction by Carl F. H. Henry; Lecture One: Secular Philosophy - Epistemology, Science, Ethics, Religion; Lecture Two: The Axiom of Revelation - A Suggested Axiom , God Otherwise Unknowable, Definition of Revelation, Does This Beg All Questions?, Is the Principle Broad Enough?, The Law of Contradiction, Logic and God, Logic and Scripture, Logic in Man, A Subsection on Analogy, An Alternate View, Biblical Intellectualism , Trivial Technicalities, Conclusion and Anticipation; Lecture Three: Several Implications - Herman Dooyeweerd, History, Politics, Ethics, Religion, Conclusion

This edition of An Introduction to Christian Philosophy is SOLD OUT as a single edition, except as an eBook, but is available in Christian Philosophy, Volume 4, The Works of Gordon Haddon Clark, and Clark and His Critics, Volume 7, The Works of Gordon Haddon Clark

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