Biblical Doctrine of Man, The (E-Book) $5.00

Gordon H. Clark
E-Book, 127 pages, [1984] 2nd ed., 1992

The climax of creation was the creation of man. For five days, God had prepared the stage for his own image. Then, on day six, God breathed his own breath into the body he had made of dust, and made man, the image and glory of God. This view of man - so at odds with the evolutionary view and so fundamental to Christian theology and philosophy - is the basis of civilized society.

Contents: Foreword; Creation and Evolution; The Image of God; Some Earlier Views; The Definition; Apriorism; Behaviorism; Dichotomy and Trichotomy; Traducianism and Creationism; Adam and the Fall: The Covenant of Works; Adam and the Fall: Federal Headship; Immediate Imputation; Total Depravity; The Heart; Philosophical Appendix, Scripture Index, Index.

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