Predestination (E-Book) $5.00

Gordon H. Clark
E-Book, 176 pages, 2006

It is difficult to discern which Christian doctrine is the most hated by the world - predestination, total depravity, justification by faith alone, or the wrath of God - but predestination must rank right near the top. In this book, Dr. Clark marshals hundreds of verses to demonstrate that the Bible teaches that God is indeed almighty, and that he alone determines the eternal destiny of all men. Predestination is perhaps the best book available on the subject, for Dr. Clark begins with the doctrine of creation, and few other theologians explain the connection between creation and predestination.

Contents: Foreward; Creation; Omniscience; The Eternal Decree and Its Execution; Predestination; Regeneration; Free Will; Epilogue; Appendix; Predestination in the Old Testament; Scripture Index.

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