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Kevin Reed
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Authoritarianism is an expression of the sinful nature of fallen man. It finds expression in families and businesses, but most cruelly in churches and governments. It is lording it over one's fellow men -- hence the English House of Lords, for example -- but it is explicitly forbidden by Christ to his disciples. It is the "Gentiles," not the Christians, who exercise dominion over their fellow men. "Dominion Theology," influential in some Reformed and Charismatic churches, fails to understand Genesis 1:28, which does not even mention dominion over men.

Today, authoritarianism pervades the professing churches, from the absolute monarchy of the Roman Catholic Church-State, with its nobility of bishops, to the local Charismatic church that teaches submission and the local Baptist church that has only one pastor and no elders -- all are in disobedience to Christ.

This sinful authoritarianism has also entered the "conservative" Presbyterian churches, and it is based on the same doctrinal errors that led to the formation of the Roman Church-State 1500 years ago. In this essay, Kevin Reed traces the historical and doctrinal roots of Imperious Presbyterianism, and calls Bible-believing Presbyterians to correct the errors of their authoritarian elders.


The Nature of the Church The Essential Nature of the Church, The Errors of Cyprian and Imperious Presbyterians, The Church and the Ministry, The Being and the Well-Being of the Church, The Marks of the Church

The Nature of the Ministry The Biblical Emphasis for Church Officers, Authority and Service

Ecclesiastical Authority Authoritarian Presbyterianism, The Limits of Ecclesiastical Authority, Church Membership


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