Cornelius Van Til: The Man and the Myth $2.45 $1.84

John W. Robbins
Trade paperback, 42 pages, 1986

In conservative Presbyterian circles the name Cornelius Van Til is almost as well known as that of John Calvin. A teacher of theology and apologetics for 45 years at Westminster Theological Seminary, Dr. Van Til gained a reputation for being a theologian of unquestioned orthodoxy, dazzling originality, and awesome profundity. But on major doctrines, Van Til was unorthodox, he was more confused than profound, and his original ideas are almost wholly false. This booklet quotes his own words.

Contents: Introduction; The Mythological Van Til; Van Til the Communicator; Van Til the Historian; Van Til the Presuppositionalist; Van Til the Theologian; Van Til and the Bible; Van Til and Gordon H. Clark; The Man and the Myth; The Future of Christian Theology

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