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Gordon H. Clark and Aurelius Augustine
Trade paperback, 110 pages, 1994

In Lord God of Truth, Dr. Clark examines four major problems in the philosophy of Empiricism: sensation, causality, imagination, and induction. He concludes that Empiricism fails to solve all four problems, but that Biblical Christianity either avoids or can solve the problems that stymie the empiricists. Because it is closely related to Clark's argument, we have included the dialogue De Magistro "Concerning the Teacher" penned by Augustine 16 centuries ago, in which Augustine discusses the source of learning.


Lord God of Truth: Introduction; John Locke; Thomas Aquinas; Augustinianism; Sensation; Causality and Causation; Imagination; Induction; Lord God of Truth.

Concerning the Teacher: The Purpose of Speech; Man Shows the Meaning of Words only through Words; Whether Anything Can Be shown without a Sign; Whether Signs Are Shown by Signs; Reciprocal Signs; Signs which Signify Themselves; Conclusion of the Preceding Chapters; These Arguments Are not in Vain; Whether All things, and also the Cognition of Them, Should be Preferred to their Signs; Whether Certain Things Can Be Taught without Signs; We Do not Learn Through Words which Sound Outwardly; Christ the Truth Teaches Within; The Power of Words Does not even Reveal the Mind of the Speaker; Christ Teaches within, Man Reminds by Means of Words Spoken Outwardly.

Scripture Index; Index.

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