Clark-Van Til Controversy, The $9.95 $4.98

Herman Hoeksema
Trade paperback, 111 pages, 2005 [1945]

This book is a series of editorials written at the time of the so-called Clark-Van Til controversy in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in the mid-1940's. The essays are some of the best analyses of its meaning we have seen in print, written by the editor of the Standard Bearer. Far from being a sideshow, and far from being dead, the assault on the doctrines of Scripture by the faculty of Westminster Seminary determined the path that the Seminary, and to some extent, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, would follow for the remainder of the century.

Contents: Introduction: The Text of a Complaint; The Views of Gordon H. Clark; The Incomprehensibility of God; The Answer; The Primacy of Truth; The Primacy of Intellect; Rationalism; Sovereignty and Responsibility; The Sincere Offer of the Gospel; Arminianism; Saving the Reprobate; John Calvin; Calvin on Common Grace; Contradicting Scripture; An Arminian Gospel; Presbytery Minutes; The General Assembly's Decisions; Postscript; Index; Scripture Index

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