Grand Old Doc, The: Articles on the Thought of Gordon H. Clark $16.95 $12.71

Douglas J. Douma
Trade paperback, 204 pages, $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-891777-38-7
In this collection of articles Douglas J. Douma introduces the reader to Clark’s theological and philosophical thought. Further, Douma does not back away from the controversy surrounding some of Clark’s thought; for there were many mischaracterizations and misconceptions of Clark’s thought. Clark was called by his opponents a fideist, a rationalist, a Sandemanian, and a Nestorian, among other things, but Clark was above all a Scripturalist, deducing his theology and philosophy from the Bible alone; for It alone is the Word of God.
In the first article, “The Grand Old Doc,” from which the book gets its title, the reader gets a fresh look at Clark and his thought as his students often referred to him as Doc or the Grand Old Doc, even after they had completed their studies under him. Though Clark’s students were doubtless influenced by him, most did not accept his Reformed Presbyterian Theology nor his Augustinian, Scripturalist philosophy. In fact, Clark’s own Reformed Presbyterian denominations paid little to no heed to his thought, and the church is the worse for it; for it may have kept at bay some of the false teachings which have crept into the churches in the late 20th and into the early 21st centuries.

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