Christian Philosophy, The Works of Gordon Haddon Clark, Volume 4 (Paperback) $21.95 $10.98

Gordon H. Clark
Trade paperback, 400 pages, 2004

This volume combines three of Dr. Clark's major works in philosophy: Religion, Reason, and Revelation; Three Types of Religious Philosophy; and An Introduction to Christian Philosophy. In this book he sets forth not only a critique of non-Christian philosophies, but a positive construction based on Scripture alone. His Christian philosophy is unique, and based entirely on propositional revelation.

Contents: Religion, Reason, and Revelation: Is Christianity a Religion?; Faith and Reason; Inspiration and Language; Revelation and Morality; God and Evil; Three Types of Religious Philosophy: Introduction; Rationalism; Empiricism; Irrationalism; Dogmatism; An Introduction to Christian Philosophy: Secular Philosophy; The Axiom of Revelation; Several Implications; Scripture Index; Index.

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