What Calvin Says: An Introduction to the Theology of John Calvin $10.95 $8.21

W. Gary Crampton
Trade paperback, 186 pages, 2003

Hated and loved by many, John Calvin remains, after 450 years, one of the most controversial figures of church history. His influence on Western civilization has been enormous. Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion became the manifesto of the Reformation. Calvin turned Geneva into the arsenal of Christianity, flooding the world with tracts, books, sermons, and missionaries. This is a very readable and concise introduction to his thinking.

Contents: John Calvin: A Chronology; The Man, the Churchman, and the Statesman; Calvin on Knowledge; Calvin on Scripture; Calvin on God; Calvin on Man; Calvin on The Covenant; Calvin on Christ; Calvin on Salvation; Calvin on The Church; Calvin on the Last Things; Notes; Appendix: The Five Points of Calvinism; Glossary; Bibliography; Scripture Index; Index.

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