God and Evil: The Problem Solved $5.95 $2.98

Gordon H. Clark
Large paperback, 60 pages, [1996] 2004

For centuries those who have opposed the Christian faith have argued that if God is good, he cannot be all-powerful, since there is evil in the world; and if God is all-powerful, he cannot be good, since there is evil in the world. Either God is good or he is all-powerful, but he cannot be both--or so the argument goes. For centuries, Christian theologians have attempted to refute this argument, and they have failed. Now one American Christian philosopher has succeeded. God and Evil is the masterful solution to the ancient problem of evil. This book is chapter five of Religion, Reason, and Revelation.

Contents: Historical Exposition; Free Will; Reformation Theology; Gill's Exegesis; Omniscience; Responsibility and Free Will; The Will of God; Puppets; Appeal to Ignorance; Responsibility and Determinism; Distortions and Cautions; Deo Soli Gloria; Scripture Index; Index

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