By Scripture Alone $12.95 $9.71

W. Gary Crampton
Trade paperback, 245 pages, 2002

In the past few years, zealous converts to Roman Catholicism have published books attacking the Reformation doctrine of justification by faith alone, and revelation by Scripture alone. This book is a defense of the Christian doctrine of Scripture against those who assert its unreliability, its insufficiency, and its vagueness.

Contents: Foreword by Robert L. Reymond; Introduction; Part I: The Westminster Assembly's Doctrine of Holy Scripture: The Necessity of Scripture; The Identity of Scripture; The Authority of Scripture; The Sufficiency of Scripture; The Clarity of Scripture; The Transmission and Preservation of Scripture; The Interpretation of Scripture; The Finality of Scripture; Conclusion; Part II: Sola Scriptura versus Sola Ekklesia: Totalitarians See Christian Freedom as Anarchy; Alleged Fallacies; Red Herrings; Twisting Scripture; The Foolishness of Philosophers; A Little Church History; Tradition; The Reformers; The Foolishness of Priests; Conclusion; Index; Scripture Index.

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