Logic (Hardback) $16.95 $8.48

Gordon H. Clark
Hardback, 140 pages, 1998 [1985]

Sixteen hundred years ago Augustine wrote, "The science of reasoning is of very great service in searching into and unraveling all sorts of questions that come up in Scripture....The validity of logical sequences is not a thing devised by men, but it is observed and noted by them that they may be able to learn and teach it; for it exists eternally in the reason of things, and has its origin with God." In this highschool-level textbook, Dr. Clark furnishes the Biblical background for logic.

Contents: The Definition of Logic; Informal Fallacies; Definition; The Beginning of Formal Logic; Immediate Inference; Syllogism - Diagrams; The Syllogism - Deductions and Rules; Historical Remarks; Other Forms of Argument; Truth Tables; The Deduction of the Syllogism; Postscript: God and Logic; Glossary; Scripture Index; Index.

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