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The Untold History of the Bible
by Adullam Films

The Untold History of the Bible is based on the award winning documentary, A Lamp in the Dark. This newly edited version is about half the length of the six hour original.

This new DVD is contains the following chapters:
1. The Gospel

2. Inquisition

3. Wycliffe

4. Reformation

5. Tyndale

6. English Bibles

7. The Jesuits

8. The King James Version
The Untold History of the Bible is designed as an educational tool, featuring powerful dramatizations of key historic events, along with on-location footage in the U.S., England, and Belgium. Also included are original interviews with leading Bible scholars and curators from the British Library in London, the Tyndale Museum in Vilvoorde, and Erasmus House in Anderlecht, Belgium.

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