What Do Presbyterians Believe? $12.95 $9.71

Gordon H. Clark
Trade paperback, 284 pages

What distinguishes the arid ages from the period of the Reformation, when nations were moved as they had not been since Paul preached in Ephesus, Corinth, and Rome, is the latter's fullness of knowledge of God's Word. To echo an early Reformation thought, when the farmer and the garage attendant know the Bible as well as the theologian does, and know it better than some contemporary theologians, then the desired awakening shall have already occurred. To such an end this book is dedicated as a minor means.

A paragraph-by-paragraph commentary on the Westminster Confession of Faith; Concerning Creeds; The Holy Scriptures; God and the Holy Trinity; Godís Eternal Decree; Creation; Providence; The Fall of Man, Sin, and Punishment; Godís Covenant with Man; Christ the Mediator; Free Will; Effectual Calling; Justification; Adoption; Sanctification; Saving Faith; Repentance unto Life; Good Works; The Perseverance of the Saints; Assurance of Grace and Salvation; The Law of God; Christian Liberty and Liberty of Conscience; Religious Worship and the Sabbath Day; Lawful Oaths and Vows; The Civil Magistrate; Divorce and Marriage; The Church; Communion of Saints; The Sacraments; Baptism; The Lordís Supper; Church Censures; Synods and Councils; The State of Men after Death and the Resurrection of the Dead; The Last Judgment; The Reformed Faith and the Westminster Confession.

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