Scripturalism of Gordon H. Clark, The $9.95 $7.46

W. Gary Crampton
Trade paperback, 133 pages, 1999

Gordon Clark was one of the clearest thinking and clearest writing theologians and philosophers of the twentieth century, yet one of the least influential. By engaging the philosophical thought of the past 2,500 years, Dr. Clark achieved what no thinker before him had done: a complete revolution in philosophy. Dr. Gary Crampton is one of the few scholars who understands the significance of what Dr. Clark has done, and he explains it clearly and concisely in this introduction to Dr. Clark's thought.

Contents: Introduction

Part 1: Knowledge; Epistemology; Three Methods of Epistemology; Christian Epistemology; General and Special Revelation; Epistemology and Soteriology; Revelation and Apologetics; Knowledge and Opinion; Epistemological Limitations and the Language of Scripture

Part 2: Scripture; Progressive Revelation; Canonization of Scripture; the Inspiration of Scripture; The Nature and Extent of Inspiration; The Attributes of Scripture; The Witness of the Bible and Church History; Original Manuscripts, Copies, and Translations; The Authority and Sufficiency of Scripture; The Law and the Gospel; Law and Love; Biblical Hermeneutics and Application; Theology and Philosophy; Scripture and Biblical Institutions; Conclusion; Index; Scripture Index

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