Logical Criticisms of Textual Criticism $3.25 $2.44

Gordon H. Clark
Trade paperback, 60 pages, 2nd ed., 1990 [1986]

For over a century scholars have been making new translations of the Bible, encouraging laymen to buy and use them. These new translations, we are told, are better than the old, based on superior Greek texts, and more suited to the modern mind. In this little book, Dr. Clark exposes the sloppy scholarship of the textual critics -- their misleading footnotes, their incorrect translations, their capriciousness in excluding words, phrases, and whole verses from the Bible. No Christian should be without this book. Included in Commentaries on Paul's Epistles.

Contents: Introduction; Examples from the Old Testament; New Testament Examples; Logical and Textual Criticism; The Greek Text; Variant Readings; Textual Criticism of Matthew; Mark; Luke; John; Acts; Romans; Revelation; Index; Scripture Index.

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