First Corinthians (E-Book) $5.00

Gordon H. Clark
E-Book, 349 pgs., 2nd ed., 1991 [1975]

In some of his letters to the New Testament churches, the Apostle Paul briefly warns against man-made philosophy; in 1 Corinthians he spends the better part of three chapters emphasizing this point: God has made all the "wisdom" of this world foolishness. It is disappointing that many philosophers, theologians, and churchgoers have not understood Paul's argument, and a crime that they have rejected his conclusion. It seems to be a besetting sin of churchgoers and theologians that they tend to integrate the "wisdom" of this world - whether it be science, natural theology, psychology, or philosophy - with Scripture. But Paul does not; and this commentary reflects Paulís commitment to the doctrine of propositional revelation alone as the source of knowledge and wisdom.

Contents: A verse-by-verse commentary on the text; Index; Scripture Index

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