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John W. Robbins
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The Orthodox Presbyterian Church was founded in 1936 by about 135 people who were offended by the lack of discipline in and doctrinal errors of the Presbyterian Church in the USA. The purpose of the OPC was to be a spiritual successor to the PCUSA, which had abandoned the Westminster Confession of Faith, even though it still affirmed the Confession as its official statement of faith. But early in its history the OPC fell under the influence of an agnostic view of propositional revelation emanating from Westminster Seminary -- a view that said that there is no identity of content between the "Christian system" of theology, meaning Reformed confessions of faith, and the "divine system" of theology, known only to God. This agnosticism has now brought the OPC to the point of falling. Like its predecessor, the PCUSA, the OPC has failed to discipline teachers who teach contrary to Scriptures and the Confession of Faith, and it has endorsed un-Biblical teaching about Scripture and the Gospel. Can the OPC Be Saved? is designed to inform members of the OPC of events and doctrines about which the OPC leadership has not been forthright.
Can the Orthodox Presbyterian Church Be Saved?
The 2004 General Assembly
The OPC Magazine, New Horizons
The Controversy Continues
"An Appeal to Fundamentalists"
Summary and Conclusion
Reformation Day Declaration

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