Thales to Dewey: A History of Philosophy, The Works of Gordon Haddon Clark (E-Book) $10.00

Gordon H. Clark
Hardback, 450 pgs., [1957] 2000

"Greek philosophy began on May 28, 585 B.C., at 6:13 in the evening." With this arresting statement, Dr. Clark begins his masterful and unparalleled account of the history of Western Philosophy. Thales to Dewey does not attempt to be an encyclopedia of philosophy, but focuses primarily on the theories of knowledge advanced by the major philosophers. By focusing his book in this fashion, Dr. Clark is able to present the most important ideas of the philosophers clearly and adequately, rather than confusing the reader with cursory accounts of too many ideas. This is the best one-volume history of philosophy in print. No Christian should be without it.

Contents: Foreword; Part 1: Greek Philosophy: The Presocratics; The Sophists, Socrates, and Plato; Aristotle; The Hellenistic Age; Part 2: The Middle Ages: The Patristic Period; The Scholastic Period; Part 3: Modern Philosophy: Seventeenth Century Rationalism; British Empiricism; Immanuel Kant; G. W. F Hegel; Contemporary Irrationalism; Selected Bibliography; Scripture Index; Index

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