Christian View of Men and Things, The Works of Gordon Haddon Clark, Volume 1 (E-Book), A $10.00

Gordon H. Clark

E-Book, 4th ed., 263 pages, 2005 [1952, 1998]

In this book, Dr. Clark outlines his unique Christian Philosophy - a philosophy developed by applying the truth of sola Scriptura to all disciplines. Unlike other philosophers, Dr. Clark regarded seriously Paul's assertion in 1 Corinthians that the wisdom of this world is foolishness, and that if we desire genuine wisdom, we must find it in Scripture. He makes no attempt to synthesize, accommodate, or integrate the Christian faith with non-Christian ideas. This book is an invaluable addition to every Christian's library.

Contents: Foreword, Introduction; The Philosophy of History; The Philosophy of Politics; Ethics; Science; Religion; Epistemology; Index; Scripture Index.

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