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John W. Robbins & Sean Gerety
Trade paperback, 153 pages, 2004

This is a response to and refutation of Douglas Wilson's book, "Reformed" Is Not Enough: Recovering the Objectivity of the Covenant. Wilson is a spokesman for both the Classical-Christian school movement and the Neolegalist movement, which makes one's salvation depend on one's performance. In his book, "Reformed" Is Not Enough, Wilson invents a new covenant, which he calls the "objective covenant", and denies the Covenant of Grace taught in Scripture.

Contents: Foreword; The Revolution Was; Theological Sophistry; The Matrix; Dodging the Charge of Heresy; Tradition; The "Objectivity" of the Covenant; What Is a Christian?; Westminster versus Wilson; The New Birth; The Arch-Heresy of Individualism; Justification Not by Faith Alone; The Biblical Covenant of Grace; Wilson's Counterfeit Covenant; The Church Tangible and Intangible; Church Unity; Conclusion; Scripture Index; Index.

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