Clark and His Critics, The Works of Gordon Haddon Clark, Volume 7 $29.95 $14.98

Clark and His Critics is Volume 7 of The Works of Gordon Haddon Clark. Clark and His Critics combines The Philosophy of Gordon H. Clark edited by Ronald Nash and Clark Speaks from the Grave. The Philosophy of Gordon H. Clark includes the text of the Wheaton Lectures, contributions from prominent academics on Clark's philosophy, and Clark's replies to his critics. The result is a feast: Not only does Clark succinctly present his unique philosophical system in his own words, but all the major objections to Dr. Clark's Christian philosophy are raised in this volume, and Dr. Clark himself responds to those objections. Dr. Clark wrote many more books, expanding and developing his philosophy, and responding to other critics. Some of those responses were published after his death in 1985 in Clark Speaks from the Grave included in this volume as well. For the serious student of Christian philosophy and theology, no greater earthly pleasure awaits than a study of the philosophy of Gordon H. Clark. Here you will encounter a mind who sought to obey the First and Greatest Commandment: You shall love God with all your mind. Hardback, 415 pages.

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