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Gordon H. Clark
Trade paperback, 221 pages, 1992

Despite the fact that these essays were written over several decades and for various audiences, they present one consistent idea: Without propositional revelation, there is no possibility of ethical knowledge or action. It is God's Word, and God's Word alone, that establishes right and wrong. All attempts to construct an ethics apart from revelation have failed, and Dr. Clark documents the failures.

Contents: Foreword, Activism, Altruism; Anarchism; Calvinistic Ethics; Can Moral Education Be Grounded in Naturalism? Capital Punishment; Capital Punishment and the Bible; The Christian and the Law; Christian Liberty; The Civil Magistrate; Concerning Free Will; Determinism; Determinism and Responsibility; Egoism; Ethics; The Ethics of Abortion; Free Will; Fruits of the Reformation in Philosophy and Ethics; Good Works; Greek Ethics; Happiness; Healthy, Sick, or Dead? Hedonism; History of Ethics; Human Nature and Political Theory; Humanism; Idealistic Ethics; Immanuel Kant; John Dewey; Kant and Old Testament Ethics; The Law of God; Legalism, Modal Spheres and Morality; Natural Law and Revelation; Oaths; The Puritans and Situation Ethics; Responsibility; Sanctification; Situation Ethics; Thomas Aquinas; The Trouble with Humanism; Utilitarianism; Values, Scripture Index; Index.

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