Behaviorism and Christianity $5.95

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Gordon H. Clark
Trade paperback, 130 pages, 1982

Contemporary church-goers are largely physicalists, if not outright materialists. They have been so influenced by naturalism and behaviorism that they actually believe brains can think: Stomachs digest, livers secrete, and brains think. To them, the arguments of this book will come as a shock. But theology does not require brains; it requires a mind or spirit; and behaviorism, whether it calls itself Christian or not, is a denial of the Gospel. Included in Modern Philosophy.

Contents: Foreword; The Secular Position; John B. Watson; Edgar A. Singer, Jr.; Gilbert Ryle; B.F. Skinner, Philosophic Criticism; The Christian Position; Donald MacKay; Scripture versus Behaviorism.

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