Against the World: The Trinity Review, 1978-1988 $34.95 $26.21

John W. Robbins, editor.
Oversize hardback, 375 pages, 1996

This is a complete collection of essays from the first ten years of The Trinity Review, the monthly newsletter of the The Trinity Foundation. The authors include Gordon Clark, John Knox, Jay Adams, Benjamin Warfield, Garrett Johnson, John Whitehead, John Witherspoon, and J. Gresham Machen. It is an indispensable source of information about Christianity, current events, and the enemies of the faith.

Contents: Foreword, Introduction; The Christian and the Law; A Protestant World-View; Is the Bible a Textbook?; The Christ of History or the Christ of Experience?; The Toronto School; The Cosmological Argument; The Virtue of Name-Calling; The Trinity; Saving Faith; Marstonian Mysticism; Dispensationalism; The Bible and the Draft; Mindless Men; Behaviorism and Christianity; The Chickens' Homecoming; God and Logic; The Ordination of Women; Ronald Sider Contra Deum; Science and Truth; The Coming Caesars; Time and Eternity; Logology; Not Yours to Give; Social Actions and Evangelical Order; Art and the Gospel; The Ethics of Abortion; Traducianism; Math and the Bible; The Sovereignty of God; What Is Faith?; 1 and 2 Timothy; The Readers Write; Atheism; The Image and Likeness of God; How Do We Learn?; Logical Criticisms of Textual Criticism; The Place of Women; Preaching to the Heart; In the Beginning Abortion, the Christian, and the State; The Roman Church; America's Augustine : Gordon Haddon Clark; The Relationship of Public Education to Christianity; Why Study Logic?; Classical Apologetics; Cosmological Apologetics; Clark Speaks from the Grave; Paul on Women Speaking in Church; The Scientist as Evangelist; Books and Letters; Cornelius Van Til; Molding Men; The Roman Church: And Inside View; Evangelicalism, the Charismatic Movement, and the Race Back to Rome; Justification by Faith: Catholicism and Protestantism; The Myth of Common Grace; Secrets of Church Policy; The Hoax of Scientific Theology; Raymond Dillard's View of Scripture; Education, Christianity and the State; Reiter Wins Clark Prize; What is the Gospel?; The Gospel of Food; A Christian Philosophy of Education; The Relation of Church and State; A Letter to Paul the Apostle; The Sagan of Science; The Separateness of the Church; The Grand Inquisitor; Index; Scripture Index; Intellectual Ammunition

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