Against the Churches: The Trinity Review, 1989-1998 $39.95 $19.98

John W. Robbins, editor
Oversize hardback, 500 pages, 2002

This is the second volume of essays from The Trinity Review, covering its second ten years, from 1989-1998. This volume, like the first (Against the World), is fully indexed and is very useful in research and in the classroom. Authors include: Gordon Clark, John Robbins, Peter Herz, Gary Crampton, Charles Hodge, Joel Parkinson, J.C. Ryle, Horatius Bonar, Robert L. Dabney, and Godwell Chan.

Contents: Foreword; The Puritans and Situational Ethics (Clark); The Shroud of Turin (Robbins); An Open Letter to My Neo-Pentecostal Friends (Herz); Unpublished Letter (Robbins); Christian Aesthetics (Clark); How Does Man Know God? (Clark); Interesting Letters; The Church (Robbins); A Note on Faith (Robbins); Money, Freedom, and the Bible (Robbins); Calvinism and the Church (McFetridge); A Christian Appraisal of Contemporary Philosophy (Clark); Fifty Years of Infidelity (Clark); An Introduction to the Bible (Clark); An Excerpt from the Horror Files (Robbins); The Messianic Character of American Foreign Policy (Robbins); Does the Bible Contain Paradox? (Crampton); Determinism and Responsibility (Clark); Truth and Foreign Policy (Robbins); Ought the Church to Pray for Revival? (Hanko); The Great Revival of Religion, 1740-1745 (Hodge); Joseph's Apes (Robbins); Seminaries and Accreditation (Zeller); The Intellectual Triunity of God (Parkinson); Theonomic Schizophrenia (Robbins); The Theologian's Besetting Sin (Clark); The Reconstructionist Road to Rome (Robbins); Acton on the Papacy (Robbins); Will the Real Greg Bahnsen Please Stand Up? (Robbins); Queer Christianity (Robbins); Exclusive Psalmody (Crampton); A Christian Perspective on John Frame (Robbins); Christmas (Smith); Are Baptists Rational? (Sudduth); The Gospel According to John MacArthur (Robbins); An Introduction to Gordon H. Clark (Robbins); Why I Am Not a Van Tilian (Crampton); John Harvard, Calvinist (Robbins); A Biblical Perspective on Steve Allen (Crampton); Only One Way of Salvation (Ryle); The Counterfeit Gospel of Charles Colson (Robbins); The Lost Soul of Scott Hahn (Robbins); Assurance of Salvation (Bonar); Ecclesiastical Megalomania (Robbins); Man As Created in God's Image (Crampton); The Fallibility of Ministers (Ryle); Antichrist (Robbins); The Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity (Crampton); The Attractions of Popery (Dabney); Luther and Calvin on the Authority of the Bible (Robbins); Contemporary Religion versus the Gospel (Robbins); Blackballing Jesus (Crampton); Through Faith Alone (Robbins); The Neo-Orthodoxy of Donald Bloesch (Robbins); Ethics and Justification by Faith Alone (Robbins); Justification and the Clarity of the Bible (Robbins); Luther on Free Will (Chan); A Lie in My Right Hand: Idolatry and Empirical Apologetics (Robbins); How Can a Just God Forgive a Sinful Man? (Robbins); The Apologetics of Jesus and Paul (Robbins); Cornelius Van Til: An Analysis of His Thought (Crampton); Spurgeon: the Forgotten Calvinist (Chan); The Relationship Between Justification and Sanctification (Robbins); Our Comrades at Calvin College (Robbins); The Biblical View of Science (Crampton); Letter from the Committee; The Days of Creation (Crampton); A Brief History of Hypocalvinism (Carpenter); What Is the Gospel of Jesus Christ? (Robbins); Billy Talks to His Pastor about God (Pedersen); The Means of Sanctification (Robbins);The Threat of Promise Keepers (Crampton); The New Babylonian Captivity of the Church (Chan); The Educational Establishment versus Civilization (Robbins); Karl Barth (Robbins); Healing the Mortal Wound (Robbins); Morton Smith's Systematic Theology (Crampton); The Ground of Justification (Robbins); A Timely Message from Screwbaal (Crampton); An Open Letter to the Patrons, Alumni, and Students of Reformed Theological Seminary (Robbins); Bleating Wolves: The Meaning of Evangelicals and Catholics Together (Robbins); The Reformation Day Statement; Index; Scripture Index.

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