Thinking Biblically: A Challenge to Christians $21.95 $10.98

John W. Robbins
Edited by Thomas W. Juodaitis
Trade paperback, 373 pages, $21.95
ISBN: 978-1-891777-36-3
With society increasingly going mad, with the lies being told about so many things by those with agendas, and with the church offering little by way of rebuttal of Biblical truth, Thinking Biblically, by the late Dr. John W. Robbins, challenges Christians to Think Biblically, that is, for Christians to think about all manner of things according to the Scriptures. Unfortunately, for too many Christians, and this includes leaders in the churches, their thinking is not based on the Scriptures, but on other shaky foundations. Such false foundations are Empiricism, the view that knowledge can be gained through the senses, and Mysticism, the view that knowledge can be gained through experience, often ecstatic experiences. Thus, the necessity of Robbins’ challenge to believers.
Dr. Robbins goes directly to the Scriptures, to let the Scriptures speak on what it means to think. He also exposes those, both within the church and without, who attack thinking. Dr, Robbins also establishes the purposes for thinking Biblically, again from Scripture, and he demonstrates the Biblical method of thinking. Finally, Dr. Robbins equips the believer with the Biblical weapons with which to defeat the powerful foes of Thinking Biblically – the world, the flesh, and the devil. All of this makes Robbins’ Thinking Biblically the antidote to the irrationality of our age.

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