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Charles Hodge
Trade paperback, 153 pages, 1994

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Charles Hodge, Professor of Systematic Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary in the nineteenth century, explains clearly and accurately the Christian doctrine of justification. The Bible's teaching on justification, which is the central doctrine of Christianity, has recently come under attack by several well-known figuresóincluding Charles Colson, Bill Bright, Pat Robertson, J. I. Packeróand many lesser-known academics and professorial clowns.

Contents: Foreword, Robert L. Reymond

Part 1: The Meaning of Justification; Christ's Satisfaction of the Law; The Righteousness of Christ

Part 2: Confessional Statements of the Doctrine ; Justification is a Forensic Act; Works Not the Ground of Justification; The Righteousness of Christ the Ground of Justification; Imputation of Righteousness; Proof of the Doctrine; The Consequence of the Imputation of Righteousness; The Relationship of Faith to Justification; Objections to the Protestant Doctrine; Departures from the Protestant Doctrine; Scripture Index; Index.

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