Collection 03: The Gospel and Its Critics $40.00

Package includes:
One lecture CDROM*:
Conference on Christianity and Roman Catholicism (9 lectures)
Justification and Judgment (1 lectures)

Ecclesiastical Megolamania
Not What My Hands Have Done

Package-$40.00 ($12.00 savings)

Links to Pertinent Review (s)
Antichrist is Coming
Apparitions and Roman Catholic Doctrine
Roman Catholicism's Recent Claim That it is the True Church
The New Perspective on Paul
Federal Vision
Sacramental Sorcery
The Justification Controversy: A Guide for the Perplexed
The Current Justification Controversy
The Gospel of Jesus Christ versus Neolegalism
Pied Piper
The Binding of God
Justification and Judgment
False Shepherd
John H. Gerstner on Thomas Aquinas as a Protestant
The Changing of the Guard
Chuck Colson
Intellectual Dishonesty and Roman Catholic Apologetics
Why Does Rome Teach What It Does About Justification and Salvation?
The Reformation Day Statement vs. World Magazine
Protestant Pastors on the Road to Rome
We have seen the future, and we are not in it.
Bleating Wolves
Healing the Mortal Wound
How Can a Just God Forgive a Sinful Man?
Justification and the Clarity of the Bible
Ethics and Justification by Faith Alone
Contemporary Religion versus the Gospel
The Attractions of Popery
Assurance of Salvation
The Counterfeit Gospel of Charles Colson
The Gospel According to John MacArthur
Acton on the Papacy
The Reconstructionist Road to Rome
The Shroud of Turin
The Grand Inquisitor
Justification by Faith: Romanism and Protestantism
Evangelicalism, the Charismatic Movement, and the Race Back to Rome
The Roman State-Church: An Inside View

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