Christian Philosophy of Education, The Works of Gordon Haddon Clark, Volume 10, A $18.95 $14.21

Gordon H. Clark
Hardback, 196 pages, [1946] 2000

This book was first published in 1946, at a time when most Christian parents in America still trusted public schools and did not even consider educating their children at home or in Christian schools. It demonstrates why public schools were not to be trusted even in 1946. Completely revised, A Christian Philosophy of Education remains the best book-length explanation of Christian education, written by a Christian teacher who taught for 60 years.

Preface; The Need for a World-View; The Christian World-View; The Alternative to Christian Theism; Neutrality; Ethics; The Christian Philosophy of Education; Academic Matters; From Kindergarten to University; Appendix A: The Relationship of Public Education to Christianity; Appendix B: A Protestant World View; Appendix C: Art and the Gospel; Appendix D: How Do We Learn? Appendix E: Can Moral Education Be Grounded in Naturalism? Scripture Index; Index; The Works of Gordon H. Clark; The Crisis of Our Time.

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