Three Types of Religious Philosophy $5.00

Gordon H. Clark
Trade paperback, 155 pages Out of Print as a single volume. Available only in Christian Philosophy or as an eBook

In Three Types of Religious Philosophy Dr. Clark carefully examines Rationalism, Empiricism, and Dogmatism--and for good measure includes a chapter on contemporary theology and philosophy titled "Irrationalism." This is a brilliant overview of philosophy and theology, and an introduction to Christian apologetics at the same time. No Christian should be without it.

Contents: Chapter 1 - Introduction: Dogmatism, Rationalism, A Comparison, Empiricism; Chapter 2 - Rationalism: Augustine, Anselm, Kant's Critique, Subsidiary Theorems, Frederick Ferre, Edwin A. Burtt, Revelation; Chapter 3 - Empiricism: Aristotle and Thomas, Paley and Hume, Empiricism and Sensation, The Greek Skeptics, A Contemporary Question, Hume's Experience, Brand Blanshard an Exception, Memory, Religious Experience, Professor Smith, Popular Religion, Conclusion; Chapter 4 - Irrationalism: Hume to Hegel, Soren Kierkegaard and the Individual, Historical Events, Skepticism, Irrationalism, Communication, Absurdity, Faith, Repudiation of Logic, Barth, Brunner, et al, Conclusion; Chapter 5 - Dogmatism: Suicide, The God of Dogmatism, Similarities to Rationalism, Realism, Alternative Principles, K. E. Yandell, Another Example, The End of Investigation, The End of Communication, Note on Ad Hominem Tactics

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